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hardy man1

The Hardy Boys are one of my favorite storys, they're funny and interesting. I am a small fan of ND also. My favorite book on the hardy boys is their 3rd mystery, The Secret of the Old Mill. It's awesome.

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I have seen about 400-600 mystery shows and movies. I like nancy drew a lot because....well....I just like it. I have played 3 nancy drew games and have currentley read 0 nancy drew books. I also am very firmilliar with the Hardy Boys. In fact I have been reading their books since........2 years ago. (I stoped on the second year for 8 months).  
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Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Computer Game (#7) - 11:54am Sep 11, 2005 PST - Turn them on the left side.

P.S I had the same problem too
The Fun of Nancy Drew Mysteries - 11:53am Sep 11, 2005 PST - To:Fair_maiden

I read the new ones.

And thanks
The Fun of Nancy Drew Mysteries - 07:30pm Sep 7, 2005 PST - To:Fair_maiden

I'm also going to get secret of the old clock(read the book and liked it). Can't wait to get it(I aint got the money right now).

Secret of the Scarlet Hand Computer Game (#6) - 06:49pm Sep 7, 2005 PST - I think you have to use HAM Radio first. Call those smugglers.

  • Call Bess and George for help
  • Also you can call the hardy boys for a second appinion
    Clue: The Board Game - 08:44pm Sep 4, 2005 PST - To:tutti frutti

    Dunno if there is stil a website that contains clue....wait....try
    Hardy Boys - 08:38pm Sep 4, 2005 PST - No one has posted on this section. How funny.
    Secret of the Scarlet Hand Computer Game (#6) - 09:02am Sep 4, 2005 PST - I dont know what to do!!!!