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love mysteries and they are my favorite read.  
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Fatal Illusion: CD-ROM - 06:22pm Nov 18, 1999 PST - to nosaj, you want to use the artifacts on the puzzle box.
Fatal Illusion: CD-ROM - 04:51pm Nov 15, 1999 PST - It's nice to see others finishing this and I also want to thank everyone who helped me. This borard was more helpful then the clues in the game. Does anyone out there know when the next one comes out...
Fatal Illusion: CD-ROM - 08:32pm Nov 11, 1999 PST - finally got to the end but i think i missed seeing certain things before i got to the end. it is a great ending but teases you for the next installment.
Fatal Illusion: CD-ROM - 08:50pm Nov 9, 1999 PST - Thank you!!!! for the tips on the marble game it's very very challenging and I had been trying for the longest to crack it. solving the riddle for Miss Scarlet causes a cool effect!..
Fatal Illusion: CD-ROM - 10:02am Nov 28, 1999 PST - to ryan, don't feel bad about not seeing scarlet play dead, becasue i finished the game and never saw this. i only went through the same thing you did. i don't know if it's a glich in the game or something not meant to be seen.
Fatal Illusion: CD-ROM - 08:15pm Nov 8, 1999 PST - this game is a lot of fun and i'm on the cable car stuck. oh well that's the fun of it. i'm going to keep working on a some more...
Fatal Illusion: CD-ROM - 06:21pm Nov 8, 1999 PST - thank you edan so much for your help. finally not stuck.