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Legal Thrillers - 02:14am Nov 7, 2000 PST - I'm still wondering what's the difference between a thriller and a suspense story. Probably none. I remember some war stories that I could hardly put down, and a survivalist tale entitled "No Blade of Grass", by an author whose name I've forgotten which I read in 1975...
Top Ten Worst Criminals of the 20th Century - 02:01am Nov 6, 2000 PST - The worst murderers in history start with Joseph Stalin and include others cut from the same cloth: Mao Tse Tung, Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro, Kim Il Sung, Idi Amin, etc. Our Founding Fathers were wise to build in curbs to government power.
Buckley Jr., William F. - 02:08am Nov 3, 2000 PST - I wonder who William Buckley is voting for on Nov. 7?
Fleming, Ian - 03:32am Nov 4, 2000 PST - I enjoyed Ian Fleming's writing so much when I was 17 and 18 that I think I read all of the James Bond stories. This character is a bit out of style today though -smoking, drinking too much, and way too much promiscuity along with reckless speeding in an automobile -these are widely recognized now as being unhealthy.
Ask a Question: Genres, Themes, Locations - 02:21am Nov 7, 2000 PST - Back in the 80s I watched The Name of the Rose on video and enjoyed it. Usually I like the book better than the movie, but not in this case. I had read a number of the Brother Cadfael series by Ellis Peters, which were quite good, but once I put The Name of the Rose down, I couldn't pick it up again.
The Poet Tree - 02:02pm Dec 6, 2000 PST - Thanks for the feedback Fred, JT and Simon. I posted that this morning and hurried off to work and then thought of a couple of changes: substitute 'gurgling' for 'open' (that's how the creek sounds), and add 'and Christmas lights' after 'headlights' -it's getting to be that season. Wonder what to get my wife?
The Poet Tree - 02:25am Dec 6, 2000 PST - December Run

Sprinkles of snow linger in the shadows,
Westwind gusts from lowering sun,
Gloves, cap on, flaps down,
No little kids, grandparents in playground today.
Frozen puddles glint on the winding path,
Woods, meadows go by,
Bare branches creak in bending.
Winter jacket sleeves getting damp inside,
There's the lady with her growling blonde shepherd
But today the grounded brown leaves have no gray squirrel, no
Green-headed mallards
In open creek between spreading ice sheets,
As the valley darkens.
Panting up cardiac hill,
Crest glowing gold with sere bowing grass,
Now back in city traffic as headlights come on
And here's home, family
What it's all about.