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name is TheBornagainchristian, so look me up if you can!
go on this practically only once a month, but if you see a person called Fan123, that's me! :D
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Nancy Drew Over the Decades - 06:10pm Aug 2, 2009 PST - NewFan - Thanks for the info! I was just asking 'cause I so love "The Secret of Shadow Ranch."

Blackwood - I have a ND book from "The Secret of Shadow Ranch" where on the cover Nancy is rearing on a black stallion, and it's night. A little ways off, you can see the phantom horse rearing...
Popularity of Nancy Drew? - 06:04pm Aug 2, 2009 PST - I just thought it was pretty cool that Nancy Drew has become so popular all of a sudden.
Originals vs. Today - 06:03pm Aug 2, 2009 PST - Is a cool site, GH? If it is worth trying out, maybe I'll join it, too! :)
Popularity of Nancy Drew? - 05:59pm Aug 2, 2009 PST - I've just learned something awesomely great!!! Nancy Drew has made a comeback in my city!!! I am not kidding!..
Secrets Can Kill Computer Game (#1) - 05:51pm Aug 2, 2009 PST - ashley y - Could you be a little more specific? Are you solving "The Secret of Shadow Ranch" because there's a person with the name Cappy in that, but I don't recall anything like that in "Secrets Can Kill."
Stay Tuned For Danger Computer Game (#2) - 05:49pm Aug 2, 2009 PST - pinkprincess - Exactly what part what happened last? If you could only tell me this, I'll help you with the rest.
#007 The Clue in the Diary - 05:44pm Aug 2, 2009 PST - Interesting... but after all everyone know Nancy Drew is the soul of kindness! LOL!..