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#064 CAPTIVE WITNESS Mystery - 05:25pm Feb 2, 2018 PST - Here's something I thought up recently.

If we were to re-boot the Nancy Drew series, this story would involve Nancy's MOTHER! In one of the games it's revealed that she was a government agent before getting married and since today's Nancy Drew would have been born around the fall of the Iron Curtain, the time period fits.
The Nancy Drew Sleuth Book - 02:44pm Apr 27, 2016 PST - If a new reader wants an introduction to Nancy Drew and mysteries in general, this might be a place to start.

PS: So long and thanks for all the fish.
Nancy Drew Movies and TV - 10:51am Apr 15, 2016 PST - Welcome back to the "ghost town".

Do they think their character isn't good enough so they have to take an established character's name?

The latest 'social justice warrior' fad is "cultural appropriation"...
Nancy Drew Movies and TV - 01:12pm Jan 14, 2016 PST - I posted something yesterday that must have gotten hung up because of a link. I'll do it again without the link.

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER has announced that a Nancy Drew TV show is in the works...
The Fun of Nancy Drew Mysteries - 04:17pm Jan 13, 2016 PST - I mentioned role-playing games above an although it's been a long time, I've decided to finally post some hints on making a Nancy Drew-type character based on the GURPS game. Here are some things gleaned from this site and other sources.

DISADVANTAGES/QUIRKS: Wears reading glasses...
Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase - 03:10pm Sep 9, 2014 PST - I mean it would have shown that Nancy Drew had some gun knowledge.
Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase - 03:08pm Sep 9, 2014 PST - I do like how they made where the shell cases from the Luger fell a clue that answered the question of "suicide or murder". It would have been better if Nancy had first voiced the opinion that she thought the ejected cartridge case was too far from the body, then made the test herself.

The close-ups of the bottle-necked shell cases show that the pistols were chambered for the .30 luger.