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Francis, Dick - 03:05am Mar 7, 1998 PST - I can't believe there are no postings here, Dick Francis is one of my all time favorites. As any prolific author there are better and worse but I can honestly say, and I have read them all, there is not a bad one among 'em. I look forward to whatever is next coming out in paperback and sometimes I put off starting one because I want to savor it before reading, just knowing I have one waiting there is a good feeling.
Grimes, Martha - 03:16am Mar 7, 1998 PST - Agatha won a trial in a previous book (I think it was the porcelin pig trial) but in The Case has Altered re read chapter 39 it is very clear that Agatha is not happy! This book was a nice suprise for me a little more like the "old" Martha Grimes. I still miss the lightness of her earlier books when Jury's housemate with the "new wave" shop was more involved.
Art Mysteries - 11:05pm Dec 27, 1997 PST - Just in case I was misunderstood, I like all of Elkins books, not just the Norgren titles. Well, except for The Dark Place which I thought was far fetched.
Art Mysteries - 03:07am Dec 26, 1997 PST - Aaron Elkins has a character called Chris Norgren who is the curator of Renaissance and Baroque art for a Seattle Museum. There are at least two Norgren books and they are quite good. Elkins more popular protagonist is an anthropoligist (Gideon Oliver), if you read and didn't like them the Norgren books are quite different.
Peters, Ellis: "Cadfael" series - 01:54am Dec 16, 1997 PST - I have read all of the Brother Cadfael mysteries. Each time I finished one I anxiously awaited the next. As Liz says the characters are lovable...
Religious Detectives - 11:51pm Jan 13, 1998 PST - I know about the Father Dowling books but I have a real hard time switching back to books if I saw TV or movie first, doesn't make sense but that's me. I have one of McInery's books, have had for a couple of years and haven't gotten around to reading it. Now I will because you said they were good...
Religious Detectives - 03:15am Dec 26, 1997 PST - My favorite religious detective was Father Dowling, but that was TV.

I have learned a lot about and respect for the Jewish religion from Kemmelman.

William Kienzle writes great books about a priest which also offer a lot of insight into the Catholic Religion.