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sonny wuz here

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Hello, I used to post on this forum back in '03-'04 under the name of Angel12STARGIRL--which is also when I first started playing the games. I stopped using this forum ages ago, but I've had a bit of a revival with the games and now am back. :)  
Most recent posts by The Viking Maiden:
Ransom of the Seven Ships (#20) - 06:33am Mar 2, 2010 PST - Okay, then the instructions for how to arrange the rope are in El Toro's journal. Lemme find a picture of the completed thing and steps:

Credits to gameboomers:
Ransom of the Seven Ships (#20) - 02:54pm Feb 28, 2010 PST - (I responded, but a moderator is going to have to review it because it had a link to a picture)
Secrets Can Kill Computer Game (#1) - 08:10pm Feb 25, 2010 PST - On HerInteractive's website, they have a way to make the old games work on Vista.

I can't remember it completely, but I think it was something like... Uninstall the game if you have it on there...
Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy (#21) - 09:10pm Feb 23, 2010 PST - @J1, You mean the raven in that locked classroom? If so, based on the journal in the cellar, it's tail, bill, breast, then primary feathers. There's a diagram in the journal that should also help on identifying the parts of the bird...
Ransom of the Seven Ships (#20) - 09:04pm Feb 23, 2010 PST - @J1 Have you gotten the pulley back from the monkeys? If you're wondering how to arrange the rope, it's found in a picture in El Toro's diary. Let me know how far along you are and I'll try to give you better advice.
Ransom of the Seven Ships (#20) - 09:00pm Feb 23, 2010 PST - @J1 Find the place, heading west, where the palm trees form a W. From there, follow these directions (S=south, w=west, etc., the number being how many steps--credits to MaGtRo from gameboomers for this). S 3 ; W 3 ; N 9 ; W 9 ; N 2 ; W 3 ; S 15 ; W 4 ; S 6 ; E 12 ; N 5 ; E 6 ; S 4 ; E 8 ; N 2

Always dig in front of Nancy from the direction she was going...
Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy (#21) - 10:06pm Feb 22, 2010 PST - Hmm, I suppose she's waiting for you to finish the web design assignments. What one are you working on?