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d(^-^)b . . . . . . . . . . . . music is life . . . . . yes, i am aware that i am a major dork

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RIP Farrah Fawcett, the original Angle.

my life is kinda a long story. but if you want to know my real name, or anything else about me, send me an email. until then, im just mysteryK

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Red Heeler Pupies, just a random picture I found on google, SOO CUTE!
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Originals vs. Today - 10:40am Jul 30, 2009 PST - I haven't read the originals, just the yellow-back books, the paper back ones, the files, and girl detective.

NewFan, I go to and search through the hardy boys/nancy drew until i see an interesting one.
Ned Nickerson - 11:06pm Jul 14, 2009 PST - I'm not the biggest Nancy+Ned fan, so I was hoping all of you who LOVE Ned could tell me why. Seriously, I have no reason to dislike him other than he doesn't seem real to me.
Mrs. Drew - 08:21pm Jul 10, 2009 PST - The thing about a tell all, is we can still use our imaginations if we don't like what they come up with. Wasn't there a "confessions of a teen sleuth" that most true Nancy fans loathed and ignored? (i do believe the author explained what happened to Mrs...
Originals vs. Today - 08:13pm Jul 10, 2009 PST - I like manatees. Lol, your second line of info ;)

It would be so cool if Nancy still drove the old blue roadster sometimes, just for laughs and giggles.

Why cant someone make a hybrid convertible?..
The Haunting of Castle Malloy (#19) - 11:23am Jul 9, 2009 PST - I haven't played this one yet. But I'm not sure I want to shuck out $20 dollars for a game I might play once or twice.

Nancy Drew : Girl Detective and Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers Super Mysteries - 11:21am Jul 9, 2009 PST - There are three books in this series aren't there? I've only read terror on tour, but I would love to read the other two!

And ok...