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Secrets Can Kill Computer Game (#1) - 03:48pm Apr 26, 2003 PST - We did the same thing Coober did and the things people suggested but we are still stuck
Treasure in the Royal Tower Computer Game (#4) - 08:40am Apr 24, 2003 PST - I liked Secret of the Scarlet Hand. But I haven't finished it.
Secrets Can Kill Computer Game (#1) - 08:29am Apr 24, 2003 PST - Please?
Secrets Can Kill Computer Game (#1) - 02:56pm Apr 23, 2003 PST - s13- We've tried that stuff but were still stuck we can't talk to connie about the crane madallion or get the note from Daryl! Help us!!!!
Stay Tuned For Danger Computer Game (#2) - 01:34pm Apr 22, 2003 PST - missy lady- Everyone keeps saying the bomb is bad, but you can't continue the game without disarming the bomb! If you knock on his door, it will open slightly, but if it opens and rick answers, your not ready for the bomb yet. If you are ready, go in and use the wirecutters (in the prop room under the map in the corner)to disarm the bomb...
Secrets Can Kill Computer Game (#1) - 01:25pm Apr 22, 2003 PST - We just got in the boiler room and the walkthrough we are looking at said to do all this stuff in the boiler room, but We can't move the handles or do anything else but get the glove??? What did we miss?
Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Computer Game (#7) - 05:25pm Feb 3, 2003 PST - Hi everyone is there a new game coming out sonn??? You can email me at