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Rik Shepherd

Another belief of mine: that everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise (Margaret Atwood)

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[] [I'm too shy and retiring to tell you anything else]  
Most recent posts by Rik Shepherd:
Special Thoughts - 11:36am Dec 26, 2014 PST - Merry Boxing Day!

(not that I've actually boxed anything or anyone...)
Holidays! - 02:40am Dec 15, 2014 PST - Thanks, ruby.

I just remembered, it's the double t of the hdoubletp it doesn't like, isn't it? And all links have to be checked manually before they're allowed to be live.
Holidays! - 09:40am Dec 10, 2014 PST - I had a go at that too, Ruby.
Holidays! - 12:46pm Dec 3, 2014 PST - It's at h++p:// (providing you exchange tt for ++).

Sorry I didn't post earlier...
26 L(etters) i(n) t(he) A(lphabet) - 10:49am Sep 9, 2014 PST - Lowry? Liverpudlian?

26 L(etters) i(n) t(he) A(lphabet) - 01:25am Aug 22, 2014 PST - A = Auction?

P S = Postage Stamp? Police Saucepan?
26 L(etters) i(n) t(he) A(lphabet) - 04:55pm Jun 7, 2014 PST - DeeGee -

on? Nope, not that

Alarmin1 -

Limited? Nope, sorry

White Tornado -

Originally Yes!..