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I live in a small hamlet in the centre of France; am an avid mystery reader, always on the lookout for new authors! I taught English for 20 years in various countries, then worked in the tourist trade for another 20. Now I no longer work, but enjoy my garden, my books etc.

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Dereske, Jo - 09:50am Jan 28, 2007 PST - After a gap of 2 years, here's news of Helma and Ruth....for those who haven't found out already there's a new book out: Bookmarked to Die. Jo Dereske took time out after her husband died, but now she's back . Happy reading
Hill, Reginald - 08:58am Dec 5, 2004 PST - I would really like to hear from anyone who gets the same enjoyment I do from the Joe Sixsmith series. I love Dalziel and Pascoe especially the early ones, but have a really soft spot for Sixsmith and Whitey!
Barnard, Robert - 08:54am Dec 5, 2004 PST - Hi, Ive just finished re-reading the Charlie Peace series. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed them. I agree that he is really a very enjoyable author.
Churchill, Jill - 08:51am Dec 5, 2004 PST - Hi It's been a while since anyone posted a message!! I just want to add my heartfelt agreement with the previous posts. I've read all the books in both series twice at least and love them...
Dereske, Jo - 11:02pm Nov 23, 2004 PST - Fran Thank you for your help. I've tried this e-mail address and am waiting to see if it produces any results. Happy reading!
Dereske, Jo - 07:30am Nov 12, 2004 PST - I'm frantically trying to find info about Jo Dereske. Is she still writing? Her e-mail adress no longer exists...