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The Clueless One

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About The Clueless One

I am 32 years old. Live at home with my mother. I now currently work at Poole General Hospital for ISS Healthcare services. I clean the staff areas in the Main Theatre such as the coffee room, cloak rooms, etc.

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The Official Darwin Awards website
Sir Toby's Extend-A-Story
Most recent posts by The Clueless One:
Inn Theory - 09:08am Nov 11, 2013 PST - In theory, how does Santa Claus get around the world in one night.

He's pally with Father Time.
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The Voices in my Head - 02:56pm Nov 4, 2013 PST - Voices in the head of Toto, from the Wizard of Oz.

I know we're not in Kansas anymore, ya ninny!
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Inn Theory - 01:52am Oct 30, 2013 PST - Might as well vote.
Look on the Bright Side - 01:07am Oct 28, 2013 PST - The electricity has just gone out.

Look on the bright side...

It's only gone for a walk.
The World's Worst... - 02:06am Oct 28, 2013 PST - World's worst costume.

Birthday suit.