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limabean! ``````````~~~~~~~~~~~~`IDK why i put that up i just felt like it!!:)(: *stop laughing @ me!!!!*lol:)(:

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About P-cat93~:)(:!!!

30 seconds to mars rox, and so does The Red Jump Suit Apparatus!!!! yes they r my fave bands! check out my URLs & c there we site!

:)(:= my sign!u will c it @the end of all my posts right after a few xclamation points!!!!! when i do this it is NOT me yelling just me ending the way i alays do!!!

I love Nancy Drew! i have all the games xcapt 2,soon to b 3! i write poety, mostly about my life! and i tell jokes, and stuff. music has a HUGE influence on my life so i am usually in the music areas! also in the fav sayings & movies! a poem is just a song w/o music.

:)(: :)(: :)(: pleas dont email me. it is my dads adress! he is who i got my name from 2! the 1st time he held me he said "whats new pussy cat!?" and from then on thats what he calls me!! {pleas just call me P-cat!!}

13 i am! i am all about smiles! i love to make people laugh! i used to play guitar, and now i am trying to get back into it, i wish i never quit! if u cant tel by now, i am a rocker! so when i say "u rock!" i mean it!!

well thats all i can think of! so rock on! and TTFN {ta ta for now!!} :)(:)(:

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Discuss All Games - 09:55am Jun 3, 2007 PST - hey i have to thank u!! u got me interested in the easter eggs so i went to google and typed in nancy drew easter eggs and i got a list of all the eggs and slip ups! now i am going to play all the games over just to c them!!..
The Secret of Shadow Ranch Computer Game (#10) - 09:52am Jun 3, 2007 PST - just wait till the rope is a perface circle & click!!:)(:
Discuss All Games - 09:16am Jun 3, 2007 PST - we r already out of school!! ha ha! we go out friday!!..
Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (#13) - 09:12am Jun 3, 2007 PST - they r all scattered around the train!!

3 r in the room w/ Tino/under couch & in the pictures

I think 4 r in the room w/ john/ b hind his boxes. in the box & in the dror.check the big sewing picture too!..
Curse of Blackmoor Manor (#11) - 09:07am Jun 3, 2007 PST - the coat of arms is under his picture & on the door tha leeds to that small room w/ the dragon!! :)(: