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Just came back after a super duper long time. :]

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Hello, please call me Jenny! My real name is Jensen. But no one ever calls me that here.

I'm in love with writing Nancy Drew stories. You can find my stories in the concluded folder. (Heart Broken Nancy, Stranded For Life, Trapped In Time and Desperate Crimes)

But I'm slowly starting to branch out and write other stories other then Nancy Drew ones. One that I am really excited about is loosely based on when my best friend moved away. I'm not done with it yet, but it's going to be called Dear Faith, and if your interested in knowing what it is about I could e-mail part of it to you.

That about sums it up but if you want to e-mail me and just talk feel free to do so. *points to e-mail above*  
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Curse of Blackmoor Manor (#11) - 12:46pm Mar 25, 2008 PST - Snoopygirl = ), if you have gotten the telescope from Jane, put it on the tripod in your room and put the lens on it. Look through it and see all the pictures with numbers on them. Right them down in order, and that is the order you use for the game.
The White Wolf of Icicle Creek (#16) - 12:43pm Mar 25, 2008 PST - Bratzfan, have you gotten towels from everyone yet?
Secret of the Old Clock (#12) - 12:43pm Mar 25, 2008 PST - crystal12345678, yeah, it's in the clock. Let someone know if you need a spoiler on how to open it.
Treasure in the Royal Tower Computer Game (#4) - 03:48pm Mar 24, 2008 PST - Try calling Ned. If you are far enough he will tell you to scrape off the tiles.
Curse of Blackmoor Manor (#11) - 03:46pm Mar 24, 2008 PST - Nancy_book_lover, I'm not sure what you mean by the first part. Do you mean Linda instead of Nigel?

When you order a meal, and the guy asks you if you want Uncle John or something like that, say yes...
Curse of Blackmoor Manor (#11) - 03:44pm Mar 24, 2008 PST - Snoopygirl= ), take a look in Jane's room and there should be a paper on her shelf with runes on it. You should be able to translate Elinor from there.

For the triangle puzzle, you need to make them all face up...
Secret of the Old Clock (#12) - 03:39pm Mar 24, 2008 PST - Did you get one from the carriage house?