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kirsten b

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I am 25+ and have 2 kids.

My IM name is KJBJAB2  
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I Confess - 04:24pm Jan 12, 2017 PST - I confess Mel that I was answering you about the city museum and my page clicked off and I have no idea where that was posted so... I would suggest waiting until it warms up because half of the museum is outside.
Just Because - 01:09pm Dec 25, 2016 PST - Yep, nutso crazy. Yesterday was dead, but today I bet you grandma betty will be calling cuz her kids got her a brand new mac or tablet that she has no idea how to use and she thinks that we can teach her how to use her stuff over the phone.
Cozy Kitchen - 11:28am Dec 4, 2016 PST - I dont use aim anymore but I guess I had it hooked up to my cell phone number since thats where the messages went.
Cozy Kitchen - 12:09am Dec 1, 2016 PST - I look like 2 cats now.
Just Because - 12:07am Dec 1, 2016 PST - Not that much work actually Ed, We get holiday pay so if we work the holiday, we end up with double time and an half for that day. It was a normal day off for me, so anything I worked took me in to OT anyway, and even sick pay is counted as hours worked. I think I really only worked like 10 hours of OT...
Cozy Kitchen - 11:39pm Nov 28, 2016 PST - Hey Mel, I did get your message from AIM. It showed up in my phone texts.
Just Because - 11:38pm Nov 28, 2016 PST - Even though I had a sick day on my check, I will end up getting paid for 102 hours on my next check, so yeah, should be a decent check