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Stabenow, Dana - 05:05am Aug 1, 2000 PST - Just finnished Midnight Come Again. Very good. I also like the expanding of the character Jim...
Davis, Lindsey - 07:57am Dec 19, 2000 PST - I just read ONE TO MANY VIRGINS. I like what is happening to Falco, but I can't help wondering where he goes from here. Very good book.
Dereske, Jo - 02:34pm Jul 3, 2000 PST - I work in a library. I have sat in the breakroom reading one of the Miss Zukas books thinking all right who around here is secretly writing these.
Dereske, Jo - 04:59am Sep 19, 2000 PST - I'm not sure Miss Zukas is ready to share her life with a man. Let's see how she does with Boy Cat Zukas first.
Changes after hitting the best seller lists - 05:58am Jun 30, 2000 PST - Another example is James Patterson. His last few have not been as good as the earlier ones. I think that some authors get a best seller and then just keep repeating the book that made them a success...