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hI, at the time I'm writing this-I"m a 44 year woman living in Chicago. I'm an avid reader, my pssion is muder mysteies (I guess like cozies the best) but I read all types of mysteries.  
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Ask an Author-Related Question - 01:41pm Oct 26, 2002 PST - Hi Marsha Thank you, yes Hugh Pentecost was the author I was looking for. I was begining to wonder if I would ever get answer to my question since i couldn't provied very many details. Thanks!..
Ask an Author-Related Question - 05:55pm Oct 8, 2002 PST - Hi everyone! I hope you can help me, I'm looking for a series of mystery novels. The problem is the fact that I can't remember the author's name or the titles of the books...
How did you hear about - 03:14pm Oct 8, 2002 PST - Hi. I found this site thru the book0 1001 Incredible thinga to do on the Internet by Ken Lrrbow. I glad I did, I find the site really interesting.
Changes after hitting the best seller lists - 11:34am Oct 11, 2002 PST - Hi everyone, let me begin be saying I just found this site so I'm not sure if anyone will respone to my post. However, I agree, it seem the author goes to great pain to develop chatacters, till the reader starts to believe they're real. Then, the author decides that they're not being challrnged creatively and decides to take thier writing in a new direction...