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The mystery picture's in a mess. The cops admit the case looks black. Just when the crook starts to confess --- rattle-rattle-rattle --- POPCORN SACK!

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Nancy Drew Movies and TV - 08:10pm Apr 3, 2016 PST - I read per Variety the show will be called "Drew" and Nancy will be portrayed by Sarah Shahi. She will be a 30-something detective for the NYPD. So this will not be an 18 year-old Nancy Drew character.
Ask a Book Related Question - 07:27pm Jul 7, 2015 PST - In the original series, Bess and George first appear in #5, The Secret at Shadow Ranch.
Nancy Drew Over the Decades - 08:06pm Sep 9, 2014 PST - Glad to know you found it!
Nancy Drew Over the Decades - 08:01pm Sep 5, 2014 PST - You might be interested in taking a look at the art for this new reissue of the Nancy Drew Series. If you google Sabrina Gabrielli you'll find her website and examples of the covers there.
Nancy Drew Over the Decades - 10:20pm Sep 3, 2014 PST - You bet, Green Hornet. By the way, I passed a book rack in the market today and noted that the current decade is again producing revamped Nancy Drew titles: "Old Clock", "Staircase", and "Bungalow" were the titles I saw. A quick peek at the opening page of "Old Clock" was completely unfamiliar...
#011 The Clue of the Broken Locket - 03:34pm Aug 19, 2014 PST - My understanding is there were three glossy illustrations in addition to the frontispiece in the first edition of this book.
Nancy Drew Over the Decades - 12:20pm Jul 28, 2014 PST - BYW, nice to hear you're still dropping by here as a Nancy fan Green Hornet!