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I started reading the glossy, yellow-spined Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy books in 6th grade. Soon after, I discovered the AppleWood reproductions of the original stories. I then became a fanatic of the Nancy Drew series.  
Most recent posts by Blackwood:
#016 The Clue Of The Tapping Heels - 03:15pm Aug 10, 2009 PST - I thought it was funny when Mr. and Mrs. Bunce tried sneaking on to the ship by dressing as old people.
#034 The Hidden Window Mystery. - 10:49pm Aug 6, 2009 PST - I was a little disappointed by this one, and I'm not really sure why. I thought it was just O.K. Most people seem to really like it, and I usually like the 50s stories a lot myself...
#066 Race Against Time - 07:25pm Aug 4, 2009 PST - I thought this one was just OK. The confrontation with the villian at the end was kind of lame, but I liked that it was kind of a "who-dun-it", like the Case File mysteries.
Nancy Drew Over the Decades - 04:04pm Aug 4, 2009 PST - That's a Nappi cover.
#064 CAPTIVE WITNESS Mystery - 08:26pm Jul 15, 2009 PST - "This softcover has nice cover art (reminds one of VELVET MASK), but the illustrations included throughout the book give a poor representation of Nancy. She looks old and very unattractive."

I definitely agree with you. I love Ruth Sanderson's cover art on the Wanderer books, but I hate the internal illustrations that Paul Frame did...
Nancy Drew Over the Decades - 09:19pm Jul 15, 2009 PST - Does anyone know why the covers of "The Secret Of Red Gate Farm" and "The Clue In The Diary" were never redone a third time? Though I actually like the Billie Gillies covers a lot. I actually like his art work, and the covers that Nappi did in 1962 for books 11 through 21 even better than Tandy's.
#007 The Clue in the Diary - 09:11pm Jul 15, 2009 PST - I thought it was interesting how Nancy and Carson were being sympathetic towards the Raybolts. Like making sure Mr. Raybolt had a "hot meal" after they caught him, and Nancy trying to comfort Mrs...