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Forgive your enemies. It messes with their heads

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Love is blind, but the neighbours are not... *weg*
It's better with a naked Chaucer...
Many people have a tree growing in their heads, but the brain itself is much more like a grass... - Deleuze and Guattari
"There is only one way to achieve happiness on this terrestrial ball, and that is either to have a clear conscience, or none at all." -- O. Nash
Ankh if you love Isis...
Never underestimate the power of a man... to underestimate the power of a woman. ;)
Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over... it became a butterfly
With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.
Most recent posts by Gumbie:
Announcement Board and Other News - 08:24pm Jun 1, 2005 PST - Wow... I haven't been here in forever...

This is an annoucement to say Yes!..
Announcement Board and Other News - 06:18am Feb 13, 2004 PST - We're flying into Cairns - likely from one of the dive outfits there or in Port Douglas. Any recommendations? ;)
Announcement Board and Other News - 05:33am Feb 13, 2004 PST - I announce that my vacation has been decided and booked, and the tickets arrived. In May, I will be flying to Australia to dive the Great Barrier Reef; following this, I will be spending two weeks in New Zealand.

Comments and Suggestions for Social Lounge - 12:21pm Jan 30, 2004 PST - Thanks for the gray, oh PTB. Much easier on the eyes than the red sign-in screen. ;)