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"To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act." ~Anatole France~

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Hey! I love reading Nancy Drew books and playing the games on the computer! My favorite book is the Harry Potter series. My fave movies are Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Don't tell Mom the Babysitter's dead, Pirates of the Caribbean, and many more. I love the colors blue (any kind) and hot pink. My favorite food is Mexican and Italian and my fave stores are probably Forever 21, Fashion Q, and all the Icing/Claire's stores. I usually always wear jeans (whether it's pants, shorts, or capris) and I like to read, go online, hang out with friends, go shopping, and other stuff.

If you need help just e-mail me or put a post on one of the games! Just make sure the subject is nancy drew or something like that. (I have finished all of the games!)except I might forget some stuff, but feel free to ask!

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Treasure in the Royal Tower Computer Game (#4) - 03:21pm Jun 21, 2004 PST - LilDO5,

What you have to do is not go in through that entrance, but you have to go down to the basement and into the elevator. Then you turn around not facing the front and if you look up there is a small door. You go up that and climb out and there will be a ladder on the wall...
Message In a Haunted Mansion Computer Game (#3) - 03:05pm Jun 21, 2004 PST - ~*BerryKiss*~,

You have to follow exactly what Nancy says. "When the sun plays and the moon sleeps," which means that you have to go put the jewel in during the day time (I am pretty sure.) That phrase depends on the time of day. Hope I helped...
Message In a Haunted Mansion Computer Game (#3) - 10:34am Mar 21, 2004 PST - archiebirdy tweet, SPOILER ALERT:the code to louis briefcase is on his computer. his log in name is louis and his password is antique. srry i forgot the actual code.
Message In a Haunted Mansion Computer Game (#3) - 10:50am Feb 28, 2004 PST - hduff, to fix the rope behind the shade thingy you need to get the iron thing in the attic. you just tie it on and it will be fixed!
Favorite Character? - 07:15pm Feb 27, 2004 PST - same with me (kind of.) :) I love how each person has a very distictive character and how they act. I like Bess. I'm like her in a way cause i LOVE to shop and I am not very brave...
Message In a Haunted Mansion Computer Game (#3) - 08:05pm Feb 27, 2004 PST - swimmer sister, you get the notes from the desk in the attic place and then you use those notes on the piano in the basement. that gives a little sheet with empty spaces in it. from there you go up to the attic again and look on the bottom of where you got the piano notes and put the sheet w/empty spaces on top of that...
Treasure in the Royal Tower Computer Game (#4) - 08:01pm Feb 27, 2004 PST - Dona, do you mean the ski lodge as the house?(if so, then you have to go back to the little shack and work on the ski controls to get dexter outside.) and you fix the puzzle by: the same wall piece is on a painting in the library. sketch it or memorize it or whatever then you can go back to the tower and solve it first. (do the side pieces first...