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Mission: Impossible - 04:31pm Mar 23, 1999 PST - and should any on your mission be caught, the company will disavow any knowledge ... and so the age of paranoia was ushered in on our TV sets.

The Cold War gave us many things that lacked style or class, but Mission Impossible with its sophiticated early-high-techie cast certainly was not one of them...
Diagnosis Murder - 05:45am May 6, 2002 PST - Have to confess, Mary Tyler Moore wasn't the only one in love with Dick Van Dyke. He was very talented and very good looking, in fact, he still is.

Thought he should have gotten an Oscar nod for Mary Poppins...
Dalziel and Pascoe - 09:16pm Feb 23, 2000 PST - A&E, please make more of this series. I think I missed the last one - but look forward to seeing it in rerun.

Very good plots and such believable characters, without pretense...
Dalziel and Pascoe - 07:43pm Jan 4, 1999 PST - Like Midsomer Murders also. The plots are outstanding.
Dalziel and Pascoe - 06:31pm Aug 14, 1998 PST - The English countryside reflected in some of these stories reminds me of Alice in Wonderland settings - expect the white rabbit momentariliy. Love both of them, especially Daiziel - reminds me of Inspector Morse with all his bad health habits.
Dalziel and Pascoe - 09:01pm Aug 20, 2000 PST - Barbara Wale, sorry if you mistook what I meant. Americans think all British speech affected, which is, of course, ridiculous.

I think this is one of the very best shows of its type on TV, along with Midsommer Murders and John Thaw's portrayal of Inspector Morse...
Quincy M.E. - 04:57pm Jul 20, 2002 PST - Juan, you should be right at home with American TV. We've discovered Forensics and can't get enough of it. Quincy was definitely a show before it time - they should revise it.