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I have finished all of the games so just ask me or email me if you need help!

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I have brown hair, Blueish greenish eyes..which sometimes can be just blue or just green..and most of the time one eye will be just blue and the other one just green its awesome! lol..I have one brother. I love to do sports like: volleyball, basketball, tennis, track, softball, soccer, and golf..I think thats it haha. I'm also an actress and a singer. I love nancy drew!!..I have tons of books and I have all her games. I finished them all so if you need help just E-mail me or if I'm on the site just ask me! I love to help people and I can give you good people have told me. I haven't been on this site for a real long time, but I always check in to see if anyone needs help when I have the time. I'll be here for you!! Dq

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Secret of the Old Clock (#12) - 08:38am Jul 30, 2005 PST - I JUST FINISHED THE GAME!!! It only took me 1/2 a day, I'm surprised lol. I'll be happy to help anybody...
Discuss All Games - 10:09am Jul 23, 2005 PST - GeorgeFayne17- I've been told it takes about 5 to 6 days, but don't count the weekends.
Treasure in the Royal Tower Computer Game (#4) - 03:05pm Apr 9, 2005 PST - SPOLIER ALERT

Mia and kate-You have to read the translater on prof. hotchkiss's desk w/ the type writer on it and its on ur left. Nancy will say something about a purple rose...
Curse of Blackmoor Manor (#11) - 02:59pm Apr 9, 2005 PST - SPOLIER ALERT

Nikki2Nancy-The left side=top hand right, middle hand down, bottom hand down. Right side=top hand up, middle hand left, and bottom hand right. Hoped I helped!..
Curse of Blackmoor Manor (#11) - 11:47am Apr 2, 2005 PST - SPOLIER ALERT

barnbabe15-Go to the Conservatory. If you have made the well full you can play the game. If you haven't you need to fill the well...
The Final Scene Computer Game (#5) - 11:36am Apr 2, 2005 PST - SPOILER ALERT

Tipsy-You have to play the Jazz/Dance game to get one of the gears and the other one is found over the ledge of the upper balcony. To get it you have to go downstairs and find the chair that has the pink gum. Use you baton to pick up the gum...