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I am a particular fan of the stage mystery: "Sleuth," "Deathtrap," "Dial 'M' for Murder," "Witness for the Prosecution," and so forth. I've written a stage thriller and am working on more. Anyone wanting to discuss this genre, feel free to write.  
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The best and worst of on stage mysteries. - 10:45am Dec 30, 2000 PST - Actually, David, "Whodunnit" was written by Anthony Shaffer (and was originally titled "The Case of the Oily Levantine"). It certainly does have its moments, particularly in the first act. And it is one of the few mystery plays I know of in which the solution is revealed during the curtai
Plays in General - 01:23am Apr 11, 1998 PST - Mike: Your "Angel Street" posting prompts this more general comment. I have noticed how many local theaters include one stage mystery among the plays they perform annually -- or at least biannually. Because there aren't very many good mystery plays, at least in comparison to plays of other genres, the same ones seem to be repeated over and over again...
What's New - 08:22pm Oct 16, 2009 PST - If you get word of a new thriller coming soon, post it here.
What's New - 09:08pm Oct 23, 1998 PST - Does anyone know anything about the new off-Broadway play "Killer Joe," by Tracy Letts? It's supposedly a serious mystery drama with some twists and surprises. The play opened on October 18 to very favorable reviews.
What's New - 02:02pm Oct 8, 1998 PST - Katrina:You have identified one of my pet peeves. Regional theaters -- for which this genre still is quite a staple -- continuously recirculate the old stardards (as well as some old sub-standards), without looking seriously at new work. Just recently, the Society Hill Playhouse in Philadelphia, in conjunction with the Bouchercon mystery convention held there this year, ran a Mystery Stage Play contest for new full-length works...
What's New - 09:49pm Nov 24, 1997 PST - This appeared in Friday's (November 21, 1997) New York Times:

Return of the Thriller

Once upon a time, Broadway had thrillers all the time, but they have all but disappeared in the last two decades. Now it appears two may appear in the spring.

Besides "Wait Until Dark," the producer Ben Sprecher said, he and partners intend to open a new one by John Pielmeier, who wrote "Agnes of God," in April...

What's New - 08:22pm Oct 16, 2009 PST - If you get word of a new thriller coming soon, post it here.