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Critical Mick

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About Critical Mick

Born in Iowa, I now live in Dublin, Ireland. Irish and Crime fiction are my areas of chief interest, and I have a soft spot for the small press.

Check out the "Reviews Free of Rules" at, a site where I strive to break free of the bog-standard synopsis/analysis/plug format. A good crit should be as entertaining as the book it covers. Or moreso, if the book was HORRENDOUS.

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Coben, Harlan - 04:54am Nov 1, 2005 PST - Last year, Tell No One's absence of hardboiled clichés put it on the Critical Mick Best 2004 shortlist. I found Coben refreshingly original in his approach to the thriller. Example: one of the big baddies didn't even get killed in the end...
Suggest a New Author - 07:21am Oct 25, 2005 PST - I'm surprised that no discussion has been opened for Irish-American mystery author Erin Hart. Her 2003 debut, Haunted Ground, was something of a hit. Last year's follow-up, Lake of Sorrows, was far superior...
Hoag, Tami - 05:30am Sep 30, 2005 PST - When we last visited the US, my wife insisted we spend a night in the Lousisiana town where Tami Hoag set one of her novels. Eager to see what was so inspirational, I recently cracked the covers of Kill the Messenger.

An out-of-control roller coaster? More like one of those soggy cardboard coasters that is placed under drinks...
Hiaasen, Carl - 01:21pm Sep 14, 2005 PST - Hiaasen's _Stormy Weather_ is one of the best books I have read in 2005. I wish I had read his work back when it was first recommended to me. Damn thee, Demi Moore!..