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What (or Who) Should I Read Next? - 11:31pm Aug 1, 2007 PST - For anyone who likes a dark, fast-paced, twisted, surreal, bizarre mystery-thriller, I'd definitely recommend WHO IS SHAYLA HACKER by Evan Kilgore.

It revolves around five people who are driven on a journey that brings them to the brink of madness by a picture of a woman they all feel they know.

Reviews have compared SHAYLA HACKER to "Twin Peaks" meets "The Da Vinci Code" (Kirkus Reviews), and I've gotta say, I agree...
Suggest a New Author - 11:26pm Aug 1, 2007 PST - Hey, all - I'd like to call your attention to new author Evan Kilgore, with his June '07 debut, WHO IS SHAYLA HACKER (Bleak House Books).

Kilgore is a young, up and coming writer whose work is edgy, strange, surreal, and disturbing. He has been compared to David Lynch and Dan Brown, and the book's getting pretty good reviews...