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My answer is now, Definetely, most certain, absolutely, yes

About TheMask400

More info. Ok. I graduated at Rutgers Universirty, with a degreee in Computer Science. I "try" to excercise from time to time.

I have become one of the frequent visitors of MN, I love the MP. I tend to hang out at the cozy kitchen

Previous Byline

  • Put toguether three nationalities, and what do you get?, stopped at number 5

  • "But I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell. I know right now you can't tell. But stay awhile and maybe then you'll see. A different side of me"

  • "The multiple faces, the real one often erases..."

  • Who knew there were more nutcases like me WW

  • Today's Lesson is: Use up to date schedules

  • I'm not geeky, and I not silly either, I'm COOL!

  • "To find the better part of me..I may be disturbed...but won?t you conceed even heroes have the right to dream"

  • "ie" is optional :o)

  • I had a map, a pen, and directions. Could it get more nerd? oh yeah I'm a programmer =

  • "The most likely way for the world to be destroyed, most experts agree, is by an accident. That's where we come in. We're computer professionals. We cause accidents"  
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    Just Because - 06:26am Oct 24, 2008 PST - Talking about yard signs. I saw an interesting one in my neighborhood. I was running around the area and notice this small bridge...
    Just Because - 08:56am Sep 23, 2008 PST - Hey :)

    How are you?
    Just Because - 07:18am Sep 22, 2008 PST - Fran,

    In regards to the minds agreeing in the best economy course, its very tricky. Economics is mostly based on past behavior, and making "guesses" on how things would turn out when you implement certain actions. If we implemented X in the past, and Y turned out, maybe if we do X again Y will turned out again...
    Cozy Kitchen - 06:14am Jul 9, 2008 PST - I never knew that you could use strawberries to seal, but I guess you could...
    Cozy Kitchen - 06:32am Jun 13, 2008 PST - Happy Friday 13th :).
    Your favorite television shows. - 06:44am Jun 9, 2008 PST - Fran, Clear your schedule for Monday at 10:00PM, if I remember correctly that'swhen they show the Mole. It is in ABC.