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I'm back, and I'm ready to help again, as long as people stop chatting as much as they did, if you've been here awhile then u probably know I've already left once, and I don't want to do it again, I like helping people but I will if I have to.

Can't wait for the 12th to come out!! Send me your questions!

Most recent posts by Demeter Ramsey:
Danger By Design (#14) - 02:22pm Aug 7, 2006 PST - dancer8: Remeber that Noisette's dying words were "red left... green" ? try putting the grid back over the eyes and follow those instructions...
Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (#13) - 09:02am Oct 15, 2005 PST - Help! I can't find the map anywhere and I don't understand the clue in the letter. PLease help...
Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (#13) - 09:25pm Oct 14, 2005 PST - okay, I got the jewels in the right order. But I don't know where to get the map. Please help, it's really annoying me!..
Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (#13) - 08:46pm Oct 11, 2005 PST - I can't find Zircon! where is it? I've looked everywhere and I need to finish Jake's contraption thingy...
Stay Tuned For Danger Computer Game (#2) - 11:16pm May 29, 2005 PST - issie: well disarming the bomb is the only way to get out of Rick's room alive, so what do you mean you can't get back in to disarm it? If you didn't disarm it you should've been blown to pieces... hmmm..
Secret of the Scarlet Hand Computer Game (#6) - 06:15am Nov 21, 2004 PST - chicken pup2004: u don't need to go to 83271 or 2710 or 2731, just 2050 and enter the password SPOILER ALERT!! coatl then the message u want to be sent. HOpe I Helped

crazycoolcat17: The supreme god's name is Itzamna...
The Secret of Shadow Ranch Computer Game (#10) - 05:21pm Nov 20, 2004 PST - skye25: well for one u missed sugar, but make sure u have the correct amount of each one (conversions are on the fridge if u don't know them) Then bake at Medium for 45 in the big round pan. HOPe I Helped