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I just finshed the Haunted Mansion, I want to tell you my secrts ask me anything!!!!!!!!  
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Danger By Design (#14) - 03:50pm Jun 14, 2007 PST - all my love to Brookie loves you I had no clue i had to type the message on my keyboard i kept typing the writer.
Danger By Design (#14) - 11:43am Jun 12, 2007 PST - um i now need help with the stupid decoder machine, and the color rod things in minette's office behind the secret door in the middle. I can't type on the decoder or get the rods in the right order
Danger By Design (#14) - 06:33pm Jun 7, 2007 PST - calm down you replace the brown suger with 1/2 cup white suger and one teaspoon molasses. and i got the mint from that creme de something or another before i ate it at the hotel. But i had to wait till i bought a cooking book at the swap meet like place the next day.
Danger By Design (#14) - 04:20pm Jun 7, 2007 PST - i'm a little stuck i'm in the tunnels and i have the wine now how do i aviod the police coming in my direction quickly. my computer won't let me look at walkthroughs. so please write back soon.
The Final Scene Computer Game (#5) - 04:38pm Aug 13, 2006 PST - I can't find the plate
The Final Scene Computer Game (#5) - 05:44pm Aug 11, 2006 PST - Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't find the box w/the keys in the last secret room
Danger On Deception Island Nancy Drew Computer Game (#9) - 08:25am Jul 1, 2004 PST - number