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Debby Buchanan

Co-Chair Deadly Ink Mystery Conference

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About Debby Buchanan

I'm co-chair of the Deadly Ink Mystery Conference, Shorty Story and Novel contests.

I live in northwestern NJ. Currently I'm working on what I hope will be a series, featuring PI Kaori Baldwin.  
Most recent posts by Debby Buchanan:
Mystery Conventions and Events - 03:34pm May 23, 2006 PST - Deadly Ink Mystery Conference

June 23-24, 2006

Parsippany, NJ

Guest of Honor: Carol Higgins Clark
Mystery Conventions and Events - 03:34pm May 23, 2006 PST - The Deadly Ink Mystery Conference will be held June 23-24, 2006 in Parsippany, NJ. The Guest of Honor is Carol Higgins Clark. Featured authors are Donna Andrews, Cytnhia Baxter, Nora Charles, Jane Cleland, Tim Cockey, Bruce Cook, Troy Cook, Selma Eichler, Bruce Cook, Troy Cook, Hallie Ephron, Gail Farrelly, Chris Grabenstein,Robin Hathaway, Richard Hawke, Ellen Higgins, John Lamb, Joyce and Jim Lavene, Cn Lehane, Bruce Makous, Peter James Quirk, John Reisinger, Roberta Rogow, Elena Santangelo, Carole Shmurak, Cheryl Solimini, Karen Swee, Eileen Watkins, Gayle Wigglesworth...
Mystery Organizations - 10:54am May 23, 2006 PST - A Writer's Group has formed at the Morris County Library, Whippany, NJ. Our next meeting is June 22, 2006. While the group is open to writers of every genre, there are several mystery writers in the group.
Introduce Yourself - 10:03am May 23, 2006 PST - Hi! Just found this site and am looking forward to being a part of it. I love all types of mysteries and thrillers...