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Ed Oliver

the ghostly visitor

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Live in St Louis. I'm single, an IT manager, read a lot, and work on cars as a sideline.  
Most recent posts by Ed Oliver:
I Confess - 12:55am Jan 12, 2017 PST - I'm with you on that. It was fun when you could come back every day and the check messages button could take you through half a dozen groups with ongoing conversations to follow up on.
Cozy Kitchen - 12:58am Dec 18, 2016 PST - Didn't know the pics page still existed. It would be cool see some updates.
Cozy Kitchen - 04:32pm Nov 29, 2016 PST - lol BabyM, glad to be of assistance :)

I guess we were here at the same time then, I found it in 1998 and was active for 4-5 years before work schedule changes caused me to taper off. Remember all the gatherings we had back then? Quite fun...
Just Because - 04:16pm Nov 29, 2016 PST - Wow, Kirsten, 2 1/2 weeks worth. Even if that's on a biweekly schedule it's good. If it's weekly check, it's fantastic!..
I Confess - 02:54pm Nov 25, 2016 PST - They stopped those too? You're right, that didn't help retain loyalty any.
Announcement Board and Other News - 02:52pm Nov 25, 2016 PST - Yeah, I sort of deduced that. I've just never really gotten into Facebook. Have an extremely bare bones profile solely because I needed to have one for something else...
Just Because - 02:48pm Nov 25, 2016 PST - Fortunately I didn't have to work it, so my Thanksgiving was good.