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About Mildred Wirt Benson - 03:46am Apr 9, 2009 PST - If I could go back in time to and time era, I think I would go to Nancy Drew's days... life sounds like so much fun! Going to parties, riding around in cool little cars...
The Fun of Nancy Drew Mysteries - 03:38am Mar 25, 2009 PST - Yes Green Hornet, Ned, or Ted in the old N.D. TV show, had a little sister and possibly a little brother too.
Originals vs. Today - 06:47am Mar 21, 2009 PST - In 1927 The Hardy Boys series came out. It was soon later that Stratemeyer set about to create a similar series for girls, and the idea for Nancy Drew was born! In 1929, Stratemeyer wrote to one of his publishers, Grosset & Dunlap, outlining the new girl detective series...
The Fun of Nancy Drew Mysteries - 08:40am Mar 17, 2009 PST - I know, But were we ever told in the Nancy Drew books that Ned did NOT have a brother? Ned often helps Nancy solve mysteries... It's just a fantasy of mine that i think would be a cool twist to connect the two series, but it really wouldn't work out.
The Fun of Nancy Drew Mysteries - 01:20pm Mar 14, 2009 PST - Okay, #1: Frank Hardy is really cool in the TV show and he and Nancy Drew are like not exactly 'Falling in Love' but they are like Nancy & Ned in the books. #2: They both like the same things... football, Nancy, parties, boat rides...ect!
The Fun of Nancy Drew Mysteries - 09:28am Mar 13, 2009 PST - Okay... so if someone wants to say something, that would be nice! Oh, and by-the-way, for the REDEEMER there is NO charge, only if you would like to give a gift to the city mission but you have NO commitments!..
Originals vs. Today - 08:08am Mar 6, 2009 PST - So who agrees with me that the Old books are WAY better than the new? Carolyn Keene never existed! Edward Stratemier wrote the first 4 books and then he died of pnamonia so his daughters "took up the torch" and started writing them...