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What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

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I'm Greek, 31, living outside Athens with my Canadian husband and our little girl, and loving every second of it... Be warned, I'm pedantic, cynical with tendencies towards sarcasm, and can be extremely annoying at times; however I always try to keep an open mind. Having studied in London I have an affinity for the UK; I'm a BSc Biologist/Ecologist, my MSc is in Aquatic Resource Management, and I am currently employed by the Technical University of Athens as an environmental consultant/ researcher, in the process of doing a PhD just because I can.  
Most recent posts by Nemesis:
Announcement Board and Other News - 07:51am Aug 28, 2007 PST - Hi all,

We are all safe and sound, but badly shaken. Thanks for your thoughts, and sorry to keep you worried about us. I never received Fran's or scarlet's e-mails - in fact I only got one message from Shelly, at my hotmail account...
Parent/Caregiver Forum - 12:06am May 21, 2007 PST - what a cutie! I want to see little hands and feet too! *g*
Parent/Caregiver Forum - 10:50pm May 14, 2007 PST - (((((Lady G))))) Congratulations - I hope he comes home quickly and all well!! Sounds like you had an awful experience though :(
Parent/Caregiver Forum - 10:46pm May 3, 2007 PST - Ann, I'm so jealous.. We tried for weeks, first at hospital with the lactation experts for her first week, and then at home, but I never managed to get my daughter to latch on properly.

I had been warned that if she takes a bottle early on, she may never manage to breastfeed, and it was true..
Just Because - 07:29am May 3, 2007 PST - (((Scarlet))) (((LG))) I'm taking off - big, wanted or unwanted hugs to both of you, and some for (((Sass))) just to tick her off *g*
Parent/Caregiver Forum - 07:27am May 3, 2007 PST - heheh that's our girl! ;-)

Seriously tho - you'll be his whole world, so what's good for you, is also good for him; sometimes people forget that - don't let anyone convince you that you aren't doing a good job.

Oh, and should your hormones ever get totally gaga, feel free to drop me a message and vent to your heart's content..
Just Because - 07:22am May 3, 2007 PST - Very well, especially as I *just* found out I'm not needed as an exam supervisor and I can go home to my little girl ;-)

Otherwise same ol', same ol'.. Good to find some time to get back here, if only for a little bit. Life was certainly easier before..