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I am a 65 year old female named Janice Wanell, married for the second time to my sweetheart Andy for 27 years and live in Georgia. My 3 sons are grown and I have been blessed with 8 grandchildren and my first great-grandbaby on its way this May ... its a girl. update ... she is here and further update she has a baby brother on the way!

I have been a member here for many years, I love this wonderful, strange family at MN.
Thankful to be here, Bella  
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I Confess - 03:39am Feb 25, 2012 PST - Here is the truth not what people pass on .. First I know ya'll love me and care BUT I cannot afford a lawyer!! I can't buy me my own medicines so how am I to pay ..
Cozy Kitchen - 10:30pm Feb 24, 2012 PST - Ruby there HAS to be food in Heaven .. remember if you are Christian that when Christ came back and spent that time with his Disciples he ATE with them in his ressurected body. just sayin ...
I Confess - 03:21pm Feb 23, 2012 PST - I confess that I just had the Police come to MY house ... I have to go to court or pay $12000 in credit card debt ... even if I go to court they SAY they will set up a payment plan ...
Special Thoughts - 11:24pm Feb 22, 2012 PST - wweeellll DO DAH Ruby!!!!! Happy Birthday to you ... lol
I Confess - 11:22pm Feb 22, 2012 PST - ((((Ruby)))) ooohhh darlin ... I ssssooooo undertsnad you .. I wish we didn't have to deal with the stress and wish we had a switch we could flip that would just shut it off or out!!!..