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Juanita Rose Violini

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About Juanita Rose Violini

Juanita grew up in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and is living there again after a long time in Vancouver BC and various other smaller towns. She began writing and producing murder mystery entertainment in 1988 and founded Masterpiece Mysterys.

Currently Juanita has created MysteryFactory to sell professional scripts and instructions of others to put on their own mystery event.

"ALMANAC OF THE INFAMOUS, THE INCREDIBLE AND THE IGNORED, Juanita's first book will be published by Weiser books and in the bookstores on October 1, 2009.

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Radio - 07:04am May 16, 2010 PST - It will probably be difficult. You might just want to read them some Encyclopedia Brown books.

My company Mystery Factory has kids party instructions...
Announcement Board and Other News - 07:05am Mar 26, 2010 PST - You go girl! That's excellent!
Ask A Question! - 07:03am Mar 26, 2010 PST - That sounds good, Pooky. I use to as well, many, many years ago and now, as you say, polite but not pretending.
Announcement Board and Other News - 06:07am Mar 11, 2010 PST - I just got my first crock pot ever so it's great to hear about the recipe page. Hope there are some vegetarian meals in there.
Cozy Kitchen - 08:34pm Feb 24, 2010 PST - Hi All! I've been so busy I haven't checked in here for about three weeks. Yikes!..
Announcement Board and Other News - 09:11am Jan 27, 2010 PST - My friend in Banff AB was working at an 'Australia Day' at the Legion because most of the local soccer team is from Australia and it was a fundraiser for them.
Cozy Kitchen - 09:09am Jan 27, 2010 PST - Is it two weeks already?!?!