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It's time to try defying gravity

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About Jeandiata

Anything you would want to know about me is posted somewhere in the Social Lounge.

MNers that I've met in person = 38 :o)

Fave by lines:

You're begging the question. You're being defensive. Don't compare apples to oranges. What are your parameters?

Life's a Chios. Crunch Hard. Laugh Lots. And Go Ahead.....Play with your Food :oř

The Day Dreams the Dreamer.  
Most recent posts by Jeandiata:
Just Because - 09:58am Jan 9, 2018 PST - <blows off the dust>

Hi y'all! Happy 2018!!
Cozy Kitchen - 05:31pm Jan 28, 2014 PST - gallons of it!!
Cozy Kitchen - 04:52am Jan 28, 2014 PST - leaving cauldrons of hot chocolate, coffee, tea and accoutrements
01/20/14 The Case of the Brazen Intruder (With Solution) - 04:49am Jan 28, 2014 PST - Did the door blow shut after the kitty got in?
Just Because - 05:03am Jan 20, 2014 PST - WT - I think you're thinking of Concrete Math. ;oP
Just Because - 04:59am Jan 17, 2014 PST - Discrete Mathematics? Does the book come in a plain brown wrapper? o.O

Your favorite television shows. - 05:22am Jan 13, 2014 PST - I like the holidays when they take all the new shows off the air. It gives me a chance to empty that DVR!

Not that I actually managed to get through the stuff on the DVR....but it gave me the chance...