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Chantel Dawn Lyngstad

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious(or somthing like that!!)- Albert Einstein

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About Chantel Dawn Lyngstad

Hi there!! if you'd like to know more about me...

-Female(as if you couldn't tell)

-Doesn't drink(or drive for that matter! ha ha)

-Hates pecans

-Loves to write short stories and novels

-100% Cowgirl

-AOL/Netscape s/n of Cowgirls85Rule

-obnoxious when provoked

-as a hobby, loves to study equine diseases

If anyone would like to read an exert from my current book, you can go to posts 14116-14120 in Cozy Kitchen, and if you would like a copy of it when it's done, get a hold of me! :o)

Oh and I am the Goddess of Animal Agriculture, too! Beware my flying band of mustangs!  
Most recent posts by Chantel Dawn Lyngstad:
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The Poet Tree - 11:59am Mar 26, 2000 PST - WOO-ehh!! I love that one *snap snap*
The Poet Tree - 05:46pm Jan 31, 2000 PST - BK: I enjoyed reading that one again! You are rivalling some good poets that I have read!(cowboy poets of course...he he).
The Poet Tree - 07:14pm Jan 28, 2000 PST - I'm here!!

*bounding through the door*
The Poet Tree - 06:35am Jan 25, 2000 PST - WHAT!?!?
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