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Matrix Jacobi

Every morning, we are given 24 golden hours. Even if you had all the money in the world, you couldn't buy another one. They are one of the few things in this world that are truly free. Spend them wisely.

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About Matrix Jacobi

ICQ: 131762127 (Bayushi Matsobi)
YMess: Bayushi_Matsobi
AOL: BayushiMatrix

I'm a short story writer, a singer, and a gamer in Milwaukee, WI. Usually I tend to stick to fantasy or horror topics, but I love a good mystery. My current projects include:
a game I'm planning called 'Clue of Cthulhu' - a horror based game using the Clue characters as suspects.
A game system called Redemption - a dark-themed spoof on D&D-esque games.
A game system called Faction Warz - a table top version of what happens if fictional or video characters co-existed.
Project Gunhyper - a sci-fi game where robots, cyborgs, and norms try to avoid getting themselves fragged on a daily basis.  
Most recent posts by Matrix Jacobi:
MN Pets - 12:30pm Dec 20, 2001 PST - Three cats: Yin and Yang (sister and brother) and Slappy (aka FatBoy, aka Harley)

All are fully clawed indoor cats, and yes, the furniture suffers for it. FatBoy weighs about 25 - 30 pounds (he got a bad chronic UTI that started when he was a kitten, and the special food we have to feed him is apparently very fattening)
Anthrax Case in Florida - 10:16am Oct 11, 2001 PST - I'm just not sure the act was terrorist in nature... The people in this office building (or at least the first death) worked for the Sun - a tabloid sheet. It's possible that this is the work of a nut-job who didn't like something he/she read...
Anthrax Case in Florida - 06:53pm Oct 15, 2001 PST - Nem, I've seen hydroponics setups in peoples basements made out of parts purchased at hardware stores for under $25... I fully believe that if a person wanted to, they could find the 'recipe' and cultivate their own toxins. If there are web-sites (and yes, there are) that can describe step by step how to build a pipe bomb, a nuke, hack a computer, jack a car...