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Zach Bissonnette

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About Zach Bissonnette

I am 11 years old, and love Hercule Poirot novels.My favorite is Cards on the Table.  
Most recent posts by Zach Bissonnette:
Research & Reference - 04:50pm Feb 22, 2000 PST - There are about 2 billion copies of Christies work in print. If you were to line up all of the copies of "Peril at End House" from Chicago, it would reach the moon.:)
Offering... - 02:02pm Mar 5, 2000 PST - I am interested in your want lists of common used books. I go to sales quite a bit, and I would be glad to "hunt" for people. E-mail wantlist to
Mystery Organizations - 08:45am Feb 23, 2000 PST - For antholigies of mystery stories, subscribe to "Alfred Hitchock Mystery Magazine", or "Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine".