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Currently unemployed, with a love of reading. My first novel was Nancy Drew when I was 7. I'm a poet, actress, decorator, slight technophobe, new to computers. A Navy brat, I've lived all around the US. Resided in LA for 17 years(in about 12 different apartments)and now live in Louisville, KY. I strongly identify with Harriet Vane, and look alittle like her. Believe Sayers elevated the detective novel to "literature' status. Prefer British novels (even if written by Americans!), I'm an Anglophile.  
Most recent posts by whitney vale:
Movie Review - 11:20am Jan 29, 1999 PST - I'm not convinced anyone anywhere liked the Avengers. I was so disappointed. What an emptyheaded mess...
Movie Review - 06:24am Jan 27, 1999 PST - Saw YOU GOT MAIL...wonderful, actually it's what clenched my desire to get a computer. A true romantic comedy, and Tom Hanks is a national treasure.

Debate!! - 06:04am Jan 31, 1999 PST - It is fascinating to read everyone's views. Even more fascinating how this topic has 'triggered' folks emotions.

Are we scared there may be superior forms of intelligence ( no matter what shape icky or sublime)...
Debate!! - 12:32pm Jan 27, 1999 PST - does anyone know about the belief of "walk-ins"? I think it has do with with ,uhm, compassionate posession. An alien life force taking over the body of a person who has given up all hope...
Debate!! - 05:16am Jan 27, 1999 PST - come on....imagination and creativity are not literal first.

dinasuars are not listed in the bible, and we gots the bones.

maybe other life forms have their own bibles, or direct communication with God...
Debate!! - 04:35pm Jan 26, 1999 PST - consider our imaginations...consider the imaginatve power of God...if we are made in THAT image, for THIS planet... why wouldn't there be other imaginative expressions of God, on other planets in the appropriate image, for that planet?

yes I believe in life on other planets.