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I enjoy reading and taking about Raymond Chandler.  
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Raymond Chandler - 03:28pm May 15, 1999 PST - I was contacted by a member and he ask me question about the writing today. And it got me thinking about Raymond Chandler and his writings. I would think based upon what Chandler said in his letters that he would be aghast at the shape-shifting bloat of mystery novel today...
Dashiell Hammett - 04:43pm Mar 3, 1998 PST - He connived with crooks, for his own ends and partly for real, partly as a ruse. He slept with his partner's wife, fell in love with a lady crook, and then refused to save her life.Which side was he on?
P.I.s: Hard-boiled - 04:22pm Mar 3, 1998 PST - To Jim Doherty and David Elins: I thought you comments were insightful. I will look into your suggestion and try to find a copy of Joe Gores's Interface.
P.I.s: Hard-boiled - 03:48pm May 15, 1999 PST - Marlowe was hard-boiled.

Philip Marlowe was a bitter man, a sentimental man, a tortured man. A man disgusted with the corruption he saw in others, and even, to a certain extent in himself...