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Hugh Drummond

" I have a criminal mind... I see bad in everyone," (Mr. J.G. Reeder)

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About Hugh Drummond

Hugh Drummond is an aristocratic English gentleman who hails from the village of Little Hautbois in Norfolk, England. His pedigree goes back into the mists of history, and there is a rumour that his uncle is the rightful king of England. This Hugh hopes is the case, as it would make him an Earl or something.

Hugh Drummond is a perspiring writer of non-stop thrillers, a student of Environmental Science at Chester College, England, an amateur theologian, and probably insane.  
Most recent posts by Hugh Drummond:
Fake Deaths - 06:20am Jun 13, 2000 PST - I had an athsma attack that week, so I may not have read up correctly (that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it). Basically, one inherits half one's DNA from each parent. I imagine that a method exists for discovering which half and matching it...
Fake Deaths - 05:20am Jun 12, 2000 PST - Ah! My subject (I studied Genetics at A level). Mitochondrial DNA (Found in the mitochondria, of course) is passed on by the maternal parent...