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I LOVE Nancy Drew!, I've beaten The haunted Carocel, Goust Dogs on Moon Lake, Treasure in the Royal Tower, Danger on Deception Island, and Creature of Kapu cave, and The final Scene!!:)  
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The Creature of Kapu Cave (#15) - 08:09am Dec 9, 2010 PST - Hi, if you need help on the clipboard, here it is...


to chart should go:

10 99 12 405 08 108 8 505 04 119 9 105 11 44 3 505 11 37 5 305 06 150 9 105

Hope this helps, keep playing nancy drew!..
Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy (#21) - 11:43am Dec 6, 2010 PST - Maddy101-


What you need to do is click the BOTTOM RIGHT grate and pull the gold handle. Then click the TOP LEFT grate and pull the gold handle...
The White Wolf of Icicle Creek (#16) - 04:31pm May 28, 2009 PST - Britgirlz,

heyy, make sure you have everything right. can you list everything that you have for each person and we can see whats wrong. because oviously theres either some glitch on your game or you have some things mixed up...
The White Wolf of Icicle Creek (#16) - 04:27pm May 28, 2009 PST - mamashorty,

hii, well if you dont want to cheat this bad then what i'm suggesting is sort of out of the question, lol, but you could go to>click on walkthroughs>click on N for nancy drew games> and scroll down to White Wolf of Icicle Creek

once it loads, scroll down to the picture of the pips and it gives step by step instuctions.

haha sorry i can't tell you how myself, HIH LOTS OF LOVE, Mayls
The Secret of Shadow Ranch Computer Game (#10) - 03:09pm May 17, 2009 PST - audder,

i'm talking about the rattle snake under the rock at the trail eventually need to solve a puzzle under that rock...but i was just mentioning that because i was really confused when i played because i thought the only way to could get a rope was to get it from the rattle snake. didn't want you to have the same problem as i did.

The Phantom of Venice (#18) - 03:06pm May 17, 2009 PST - Bethany,

Sorry i'm a bit rusty on this because i haven't played this particular nancy game in ages...but if you can't just click you're bed or alarm clock to go to sleep, then it sounds a lot like you need check your checklist and get EVERYTHING possible checked off. I alllways do that and i end up getting somewhere. Instead of focusing on what you're doing right now, turn to something else on your checklist to work on and, trust me, it will lead to something...
The White Wolf of Icicle Creek (#16) - 02:53pm May 17, 2009 PST - ohh and by the way, if you have him trapped in a corner and he cannot jump you, he'll keep moving back and forth. so just to let you know, you will know if you have him trapped if he's just moving to one spot and moving right back over and over. Just keep advancing ('absolutly' making sure that you have you backup marbles advancing too) until you have him trapped...