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Brenda Carlton - 08:30am May 28, 2006 PST - Brenda HAS black hair. She usually puts in in a pony tail, so she can look more professional.. ha!..
Nancy Drew Movies and TV - 09:23am May 28, 2006 PST - The actor who played Ted Nickerson in the 1930's ND movies just recently died.

The NEW ND movie is coming out next year in August. I am already going to the premier in LA!..
#001 New Lives, New Loves - 08:20am May 28, 2006 PST - If you are under 18, these are NOT the books for you! so please do not read them. thanks.
The Dark Side of River Heights by Renee Walker - 08:17am May 28, 2006 PST - I STILL have not gotten it! lol!!! need too.......
Ned Nickerson - 09:16am May 28, 2006 PST - Elli- Ned is not in that File. Kyle is in it. He is Bess's new boyfriend.
The Fun of Nancy Drew Mysteries - 09:09am May 28, 2006 PST - GH, can you send me a link?? I would love to read it! I have your old email address, and the mail keeps coming back to me!..
Nancy Drew Over the Decades - 09:05am May 28, 2006 PST - Right now I am not seeing Nancy doing too well for this decade, but that can change when the movie is out next year. :) I do think a huge increase in her popularity has been from the ND computer games, which is wonderful and more girls are reading the books, not to mention boys playing the games... :) But the ND books on the shelfves are not doing too well...