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Big Agatha Christie fan -- I've read over 60 of her books. Learned to read at 4 because my father used to read me Sherlock Holmes stories as my bedtime stories. Read Nancy Drew as a child too -- loved Murder She Wrote, Colombo, and Matlock then as well. Got into the CD/ROM games by playing the 2nd Clue game (wish they would make another one now w/ better graphics) and "graduated" to Nancy Drew CD/ROMs soon after that. Been hooked ever since! I truly believe that they help raise (or in my case keep) your IQ!  
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Discuss All Games - 12:13am May 11, 2007 PST - Hey, has anyone tried to download and play the demo posted on the herinteractive site? I got it apparently but it doesn't start up or anything. Now its just sitting in a folder somewhere on my hard disk; I tried to 'run' the file but my computer said it didn't recognize the file name...
Sherlock Holmes - 04:36pm Apr 27, 2007 PST - So I'm guessing that no one is playing the Sherlock Holmes games anymore (even though they just released a new one). . .I was wondering if anyone had gotten to the smoky parlor room (level 4 Mystery of the Mummy) and/or had the patch for the puzzle behind the shield; I've been stuck on this for two years!
Discuss All Games - 05:30pm Apr 27, 2007 PST - Even though you didn't do it for me, thanks to whomever leaked the youtube link for the trailer for the new game. . .appreciate not having to register for something else online or having to pay for what used to be free...
Discuss All Games - 12:12am Apr 27, 2007 PST - Hi gang --

Long time no post for me, sorry. (And I know that everyone's going, "Who is this chick?") Anyways, I have a beef about this whole downloading business of the trailer for the new ND game. I went to the herinteractive site to find out if there was any new info on the game and clicked on the link to the download but I got connected to another site which requires you to register and pay for downloading the trailer!..
Discuss All Games - 07:11pm Feb 20, 2007 PST - JefferiesGirls2 -- I wanted to give you a response to your question as to why "Kapu Cave" didn't work for most people, although I can only speak for me. I just recently finished the game last week. Usually when I play the games, at certain points I'm either avoiding the game like the plague because I'm so mad that its stumped me or I'm trying and trying to no avail until I figure it out or until I break down and get a spoiler...
Agatha Christie Computer Games - 08:36am Jan 21, 2012 PST - S.O.S. . .Calling for help from all those who have played the premier Agatha Christie PC game, "And Then There Were None" also known as "Then Little Indians"!..
Danger By Design (#14) - 10:00pm Oct 29, 2006 PST - nancydesigner --

You're welcome! Hope that you'll be there for me in the Kapu Cave message board when I need the same help! Good luck in the future...