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togokokokringles sounds cool when u say it fast out loud. togo is nancy's dog and koko kringles is a candybar that is in like all the games.i have all the games and i have beaten all of them 2 ! I have the first set of ND book from 1-56 and even more! P.S. LLAMAS RULE!!!!

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have all nancy drew games and i have beaten them. my cousin also collects w/ me and she is great at nancy drew games! I love the Phantom of the Operah and Dylan Sprouse! I used to have a really good friend on this web but she got kicked off. I have a Nintendo DS and a Playstation 2. My favorite games are Animal Crossing and Kingdom of Hearts! Utada Hikaru is like a totally AWESOME SINGER!I love ND so much! I wish i could be just like her! She is my role model!