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I'm as Evil and Dark as you could think.

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Secrets Can Kill Computer Game (#1) - 07:13am Jun 29, 2006 PST - BlueBonnets-Sorry,I was talking about the note in the lounge,you don't need it,It says,Spoiler!Connie is not guilty,or somthen like that.Heres what you realy need help with.Spoiler! You have to get on the computer and find the code for the room,then write it down,then go to the libray and get the book on brill agin,translate the word to what it will look like in brill,then go to the door and punch it in.And presto!If you still have truble doing that ask me.I haven't played this game in a long time because I was stuck.
Secret of the Old Clock (#12) - 06:56am Jun 29, 2006 PST - I need MAGOR help!!!
Stay Tuned For Danger Computer Game (#2) - 07:51am Jun 28, 2006 PST - Nicole yellow-SPOILER!You have to change it to night,and go threw the side door...If ypu dont know the code...there SHOULD be a piece of papper on the desk next to the phone that says the code,if there dont have to do it yet. -Shadow