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Tey, Josephine - 09:40am Aug 27, 1997 PST - To whoever asked - Daughter of Time is still in print [I know because I give a copy of this to all my friends who haven't read it].

I agree with everyone - it is probably the greatest mystery ever written. Unfortunately, I read it when I was still in school and learning about the War of the Roses [part I] - my teacher wasn't too impressed when I told her the text books were all wrong and that it was a Tudor plot...
Q & A About Getting Published - 04:13am Sep 4, 1997 PST - Hi Bob,

I'm in London - actually work in the centre half way between St Paul's Cathedral [which I can see from my office window] and Trafalgar Square.

Thanks for the info on Whispering Willows, I'll look into subscribing for that.

Regards, Hannah
Q & A About Getting Published - 08:16am Sep 1, 1997 PST - Now now Robert,

Some of us netties arent in the US you know....

I mean, there are some people under the impression that London isn't in the UK, but Canada, so never assume.

Is Whispering Willows any good - what sort of Mystery stuff does it cover?..
Introduce Yourself - 05:56am Sep 24, 1997 PST - Fran/Liliann

Hi, Poirot's first case (full-length novel rather than short story) was the Mysterious Affair at Styles - its billed as such on the front cover. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is a pretty good Poirot story. A Poirot to avoid (because its crap) is The Big Four...