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What (or Who) Should I Read Next? - 10:50pm Sep 12, 1997 PST - To Fran Hinkel - Try Nancy Taylor Rosenberg's "Trial by Fire" and then "Abuse of Power" - I think trading books is a wonderful idea I wouldn't mind sending two for two - Babs -
What (or Who) Should I Read Next? - 04:14pm Sep 11, 1997 PST - Hi - a agree with the Grafton comment on the Kinsey plots kind of running into each other - the down-to-earth-I-can-relate Kinsey is a delight. The Alex Delaware charcter is a favorite of mine. I truly enjoy Tami Hoag, Nancy Taylor Rosenberg, Mary Higgins Clark, Patricia Cornwell and Steve Martini - I could go on and on...
Cracker - 05:34pm Jul 1, 1997 PST - Poirot and Miss Marple - fun. Have you seen "Cracker" - wild. And who is the great Chief Inspector, what a woman!..