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Hey I've been a nancy drew lover since i was seven and love playing the cd rom games. If you need any help with any of the games please e-mail me, but don't send me anything but your questions, I want to help you, not get chain letters! Thanks!!!! E-mail:  
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Curse of Blackmoor Manor (#11) - 05:59pm Dec 3, 2008 PST - haha ok if you say so! Yeah I have, I some how made it through and back out again...
Curse of Blackmoor Manor (#11) - 04:59pm Dec 3, 2008 PST - Hey, I haven't been on here in ages but it seems that I am stuck. I am having the same problem as snugglebearss, I was just messing with the fingers and I must have frightened away Nigel. Now I need to ask him about the snake, but surprise, he's missing!..
Stay Tuned For Danger Computer Game (#2) - 12:25pm Mar 20, 2005 PST - special A- you can not get into the studio at night until you have dismantleted the bomb. When you get in at night Lillian won't be there.
The Secret of Shadow Ranch Computer Game (#10) - 05:07pm Mar 18, 2005 PST - ok what order do the pegs need to be in, they keep referring to the clock, but thats 4:43 but thats not working. Can anyone help?